This is mine and my husband’s cat, Pussy. He is my first pet that doesn’t live underwater and I honestly don’t know what I would do without him. Everyday he gives cuddles to his Mummy and Daddy, especially when one of us is sick. I have a rare genetic disorder that, among other things increases my risk of many cancers. Some years ago my husband had back surgery then, not long after that, I developed breast cancer. I had a bilateral mastectomy at age 28 and an hysterectomy at age 30. Somehow Pussy seems to know who to look after and spends time nursing the sick human in his care. He always manages to make me smile so I hope he gives you a smile or two and that you enjoy this photographic series of him growing from a tiny fluff ball into a strong, healthy 7kg cat.

Baby Pussy.

So cute.

Little fluff.

“Shhh I’m trying to sleep.”


More cuddles.

Close up.

Selfie with Pussy.

“Look how big I am.”

Enjoying a nice pat.

Holding hands.

Pussy kneading his mummy like a kitten.

Nap time.

Even more cuddles.

Beautiful eyes.

“Hop in Mummy, I’m driving!”

Hanging with Pussy.

Pussy collage #1.

Pussy collage #2.

Pussy collage #3.

Handsome portrait take one.

Handsome portrait take two.