I want everyone to meet my beautiful and loving cat Snow, who died today after being hit by a car a day earlier. His injuries were severe, and several doctors tried all day and night to save him, but today I had to let him go by make the hardest decision of my life.

I am heartbroken and have been crying since yesterday.

Snow was amazing. I know all people say this about their cats, but mine really was fantastic. Everyone who met him instantly fell in love with him. He truly understood everything I said to him and got me through really rough times in my live.

I bottle raised him after the first day of his birth because his mother rejected him, and he never left my side. We went everywhere together. He was there after my heart surgery went horribly wrong and my husband left me. He was there when I bought my own house and finally started enjoying my life as a single person. But I was never alone, I had Snow.

And now I will have to learn how to stay strong without him. But I promised him that I would be on the lookout for him, cause I know I will meet him again.

Snow loved my garden and the little robin that also enjoyed my garden. I watched how he pretended to hunt this robin, but never really try to catch it. So I decided to dedicate my coloringbook, that I was in the process of drawing, to Robin and my lovely Snow.

I am not done drawing yet, and it will be harder now to draw Snow playing and being a happy cat, but I will finish this coloringbook. I have to, for the memory of Snow. So that all of you can enjoy his adventures as well, and may he bring a bit of happiness into your lives too.

Snow, with his beautiful eyes

Celebrating Christmas together

Always on my lap while I was working