My name is Mikołaj Gospodarek and I am a photographer from Poland. In March this year, I fulfilled my dream and traveled in the winter time to Siberia with Mazda CX-5.

It’s a completely different world, and a trip from Bavaria, where I live , was an extraordinary adventure.

Siberia enchanted me with its vastness.

I came from Ulan Ude to the frozen Lake Baikal and beat almost 60 km of ice from the Babushkin area to Listwianki. The ride was very dangerous, but at the same time extremely fascinating. This is certainly one of the most intriguing adventures in my life. When I parked and walked on the clear ice below, I could see the black depths of this deepest lake in the world. The ice was maybe 1 meter thick. The journey was hampered by numerous fissures, snowdrifts and huge cracks.

I am aware that no one will ever come back exactly to the same place where I was on the ice and I know that the pictures I have made are simply unique. The ice will return next winter over the Lake Baikal, but it will no longer look the same.

The winter trip to Russia was an extraordinary adventure. I’m glad that for a few days the weather was kind and I could take some pictures. I hope you will like it. I invite you to Lake Baikal and on Baikal – literally!

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