Hi, my name is Shawnalee Anderton. I have been creating miniature works of art every day except Sundays for the past year. I decided to make the final 50 a theme within the overall “I am…” theme. Confused? Stick with me. For the last 50 I wanted them to have deep meaning. Every one of the artworks is chosen for representing essential components in life either abstractly or directly. This theme has caused me to deeply examine what is truly essential. It has allowed me to reflect upon how we can successfully navigate our daily struggles. It’s been a great challenge! I’m down to the last couple of weeks…..

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Thanks for looking!

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I Am Your Guide

Breath. Such a powerful tool. We may not be able to talk our way out of an emotion but we can breath our way out. Controlled breathing, if done correctly can help manage stress, anxiety, lower blood pressure and heart rate. Another amazing discovery is when breathing is used to facilitate meditation, an increase in brain size can result. Specifically in the regions associated with attention and the processing of sensory input.

I Am Pleasing

Marbles are one of those things that you can stare at and loose yourself in if you allow it to happen. Take time to enjoy the simple things in life.

I Am Out of My Comfort Zone

This is something we all need to do. Like it or not. And no, you don’t have to fly to the moon (that’s already been done)

I Am Predictable

Pattern recognition is the basis by which we live our lives’ -Paris B. I couldn’t agree more. It lends itself to our very survival.

I Am Creating My World

The way I see it, you can’t really go wrong with positive visualization. If it works, great! If it doesn’t, at least you had a good time thinking about it.