Jonah asked God to rescue him from the belly of a whale probably because it wasn’t very comfortable inside, but Jonah definitely wouldn’t complain about sitting in the mouth of one of these hanging chairs. Designed by Porky Hefer from Cape Town, South Africa, his chairs resemble various creatures and were recently on display at Design Miami 2015. “Monstera Deliciosa” is the name of the project.

Hefer trained with a local master weaver, Ismael Bey, to revive this endangered craft. “Ismael has trained weavers at the Cape Town Society for the Blind, where I’ve had a lot of my designs produced,” Hefer writes online. “In this way, I use his traditional knowledge and weaving skills and subvert these into non-traditional forms, making them more relevant.”

More info: (h/t: demilked, lostateminor)