Love and care are sometimes just the medicine when it comes to facing big challenges. A mother suffering from lupus who was being cared for by her daughter Lauren, has donated her biological hair to have a wig made for her Lauren who lost her hair due to alopecia.

This is the story of a devoted mother who saved her hair for over three years and died it blond in order to donate the perfect natural looking bespoke wig to her daughter who’s suffered from alopecia since she was just eight years old.

Lauren could never find a wig she felt comfortable in, she was mocked and bullied at school but her mother has given her a renewed sense of confidence. To share the same kindness her mother has shown her, Lauren runs a support group to help children who suffer from hair loss.

People can be cruel

Sadly, Lauren was bullied at school for her alopecia, the result of an immune disease she developed when she was just eight years old. Lauren tried many wigs but they were never quite right. Ill-fitting wigs designed for adult-size scalps would simply fall off causing her classmates to laugh at her. Other wigs looked synthetic. Lauren was miserable and her confidence was at an all-time low. Her mother, Jo, couldn’t see her daughter suffer anymore. She grew her hair in order for her locks to be used to make a bespoke wig.


The mother-daughter team turned to Joseph’s Wigs in Surrey looking for help to make the perfect, natural-looking wig. When the custom-made wig was ready Lauren said, ‘It looks amazing, I couldn’t be more happy with it. All my old wigs were ill-fitting and looked unrealistic but my new one feels like it’s my own head of hair. It feels natural and it is a lot more sentimental because it is my mum’s old hair, although it is a bit freaky that I now look like her.’

Thoughtfulness goes a long way. The perfect wig can make all the difference in bringing back confidence for people suffering from hair loss, whatever the reason – immune disease or chemotherapy treatment. With a wide selection of human hair wigs you’re bound to find the wig that will give you the natural look you’ve been missing.

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