My name is Anne Marie Price, and I started creating a glass mosaic on surfboards a few years ago. I am an artist in Southern California, and after being chosen to create my first mosaic surfboard for an event raising money for charity, I just never stopped and fell in love with the challenge to create my inspirations on such a unique substrate.

Because I am inspired by the ocean and the art of surfing, it became a natural fit for me to see how I could celebrate both with my love of mosaic art.

Earlier this year, I was able to take what I’ve learned in the process and create an instructional video with “Mosaic Arts Online” where I teach others how I create my boards. It has been an awesome journey so far, and I love that people appreciate what I create as much I love creating them.

You can find more of what I do on my website and social media.

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“Marina of the Sea”

“Like Sun and Waves I Rise”

“Springtime Vibez”

Surfer approved. But for decorative use only

Here are some of my work in progress images