Imagine waking up and rolling out of bed to be greeted by a brilliant mountain sunrise, with a gurgling frigid stream below you and blue skies above you. Russian photographer Oleg Grigoryev takes us into the mountains in his “Morning Views From The Tent” series, in which he frames beautiful mountain photos with his outstretched legs and his tent flap.

Grigoryev took these photos in the Fann Mountains of Tajikistan from campsites that were up to 4,700m above sea level, and the range has mountains that extend up to 5.5km above sea level. Given their height, it’s not surprising that we see Grogoryev’s legs resting in each photo!

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Big Allo Lake (3150m)

Kulikalon Lake

Muddy Lake (3600m)

Near Mirali Peak

Lake Alaudin

Chimtarga (4700m)

Fann Mountains