We love design and we love origami – the japanese art of folding paper into 3 dimensional objects. These two combined results in creating home accessories in our studio and workshop that have little greases and the appearance of paper but being made out of porcelain or concrete.

We, that is Angy and Stine, met at product design study at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg, Germany and founded our studio moij design after Graduation in 2013. ‘moij’ is low german meaning nice and beautiful.

Today we want to show one of the techniques to turn paper into porcelain. First we fold every rabbit by hand. (Sometimes on the way to work in the subway which gets us uncomprehending or curious looks)

Then the paper-rabbits are dipped into the liquid porcelain – a bit like chocolate fondue. In the kiln the paper burns and what is left is the fragile thin porcelain shell. We excited about not using a mold in this making so every rabbit is unique and different in the end.

More info: moijdesign.de | Instagram

We turn paper into porcelain

The paper rabbits queue up in front of the porcelain bucket

Each gets dipped into the liquid porcelain

And fired in the kiln

At the end they transformed from paper to porcelain