I don’t know about you, but the idea of home sometimes feels like a big fat joke. Just when I think, “This leaky sailboat in the Atlantic!” or, “This tilted apartment in Brooklyn!” there’s a hurricane or a rent raise, or I fall in love, or (whoops) get pregnant. And the search for home starts all over again.

I make mini paintings in oil enamel. My favorite theme is tiny escapes. The places my imagination wanders off to when I’m faced with a list of bills to pay or underwear to wash. I’ve made these mini paintings for about six years now, on that aforementioned sailboat, and that apartment, and even now in the PNW with a wee baby boy by my side.

We think of compasses as a symbol of “finding your way”, but we only look to them when we’re lost. I think this is a perfect paradox for my escape paintings. Feeling lost? Me too. Maybe these compasses will inspire you to take another step and figure out what the heck comes next.

More info: kharaledonne.com