“If I can, I want to make a statue for you, my beloved cat, thank you for coming into my life…”

I am Elise, an artist from Asia working in realistic miniature cat statues. Everyone keeps pets for different reasons, but the same thing is that once you start, you will never want to be separated…

Until the day I met my first cat, I never thought I would live with a cat. My first cat sculpting works (using professional clay and acrylic) were finished on September 25, 2015, the day of my cat’s 8th birthday.

I also make custom cat statues for people who love their pets and want a statue to commemorate their friendship.

To make one cat statue takes approx. 30 days. I hope that each hand-made sculpted works, not only the reproduction of the cat’s image, but also convey spirit, condense love and memories.

More info: dcatstatue.com | Instagram

Unfortunately, this cat passed away because of Feline Infectious Peritonitis when he was 3 months old. This statue is for him.