Milo Baby is an interior lamp which was created to show, how to slow down in daily noise and in a welter of duties. A plant put on a pedestal to celebrate its presence, bring us closer to nature, teach us how to be more sensitive for plant’s needs. Beyond the exposition, Milo Baby gives an extra light to the plants and help to enjoy their beauty during “darker” seasons.

While creating our products, we strongly cooperate with our skillful polish craftsmen. We do our best to place our production with the craftsmen with long tradition of production. Our aim is to create a unique, high-quality product and at the same time promote local, polish manufacturing factories that draw inspiration from traditional methods of hand made production. Our glass elements are manufactured in Krosno, famous for having a long tradition in glass making and a unique method of blowing glass. The wooden accessories of our products are hand made in Podhale, a mountain region with long tradition of woodwork.

Wood and glass elements of our products are handmade and therefore, each piece is unique.

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