Hello, my name is Tirana. I was named after Albania capital city where my adopted parents rescued me. With not more than two weeks old I was already fighting for survival. Disoriented and starving, I jumped across a motorbike’s path that nearly hits me while cruising on a dark desert highway over the mountains behind the city.

Riding on the motorbike was a young lovely couple – Pedro and Esmeralda – who was traveling from Athens, Greece to Cádiz, south of Spain. Noticing I was abandoned, mistreated, starving and scared to death, they took me in their arms and immediately decided to make sure I would be very well taken care of and would not be hit by any other vehicle.

Day after day we grew more and more fond of each other and we all agreed I would become a motorbike riding dog and would slowly ride along with them, all the way towards Spain. I visited many interesting cities, like Kotor in Montenegro or Venice in Italy, among dozens of great places. Everywhere I passed by I caused a huge sensation among the people.

Now, already at home, my dear parents are already planning their next destinations. As good digital nomads, they travel all the time and live an average of 3 months in different places. They keep telling me about new magnificent places I will discover in their company. So I am destined to explore the world. Just need to learn how to use the computer to become the first digital nomad dog.

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