Ever wished those cool droids from Star Wars existed? Either a multi-functional R2-D2 to fix, support and get stuff for you, or better still, the spherical kind BB-8 to roll all your chores at one go? Look no further!

A Boston company believes it has built something similar (or better) that would do most carrying job and it’s also rechargeable. “Gita” is an autonomous cargo-bot designed by Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF) to be a personal assistance robot. Designed largely to be independent even when sent to grocery shop, it can locate home by itself. It also might help walk the dogs, and carry heavy materials.

One great application already in place is helping with mail and parcels delivery. With Gita doing the heavy lifting, the mailman is able reach more houses quicker. Gita runs with vertical rotating axial wheels which means that the storage compartments are always upright as the wheels rotate, protecting fragile contents. Good news is that they aren’t concept images rather real products as they have already been launched and are available for purchase. What do you think? Isn’t the future exciting already?

More info: ausquerry.com

Meet Gita, the robot that would do most of your carrying job in the future

‘Gita’ is an autonomous cargo-bot designed to be your personal assistant

Like Star Wars’ BB-8, Gita follows you around

It is designed to be mostly independent even when sent to the grocery store – it’s able to locate home by itself

Gita can even help you walk the dogs, and carry heavy materials!

The Cargo-bot comes with different storage compartments

Unlike BB-8, Gita helps you to carry your stuff, freeing up your hands

Gita can also climb low-level heights

And navigate highrise buildings

It comes with LED lighting and an indicator bulb to keep track of battery levels

It is also available in white colour!

And you can be sure that Gita will keep your delicate materials safe because of its rubber wheels that lowers the level of vibration

Star Wars’ BB-8 vs. Gita