Ever since I was a kid, I loved road trips. Being a nerd extraordinaire, I loved to count the license plates and states I saw from the passenger window along the journey.

After finishing in the Top 50 in the state as a sixth grade geography bee entrant, my love for maps, plates and states faded for a while.

Later in my adult life, I became entranced with making things out of old discarded plates. I love the character, variety and color they provide. One thing led to another and now I create art and maps of all shapes and sizes for customers around the world. I hope you enjoy these photos of a few finished pieces.

More info: designturnpike.com

Vintage license plates from all fifty states cut and arranged to form an eclectic map of the USA

A finished license plate map ready to head off to another customer

This piece looks pretty cool in my kitchen right before being boxed for freight and heading off to Minnesota