Yes! Many hours of work with all my love for Venice have helped me to realize these realistic drawings about the Carnival of the amazing Italian city – Venice.

I have always loved the city of Venice and its Carnival is one of a kind and so stunning! I usually love to draw intricate subjects and when I saw the Carnival of Venice I thought to try to realize portraits of these amazing people… People who spent many hours as well to create these wonderful costumes… Costumes born in their mind and become alive through their hand. I decided to try different mediums for my drawings like colored pencils, watercolors, sanguine, watercolor pencils and pastels! Each drawing is made with a different medium.

This year I won the “Best Emerging Artist” award in my first Art Competition. The Art Competition was “Colourbration 2016” organized by the Australian Society of Colored Pencil Artists, I won this competition with the drawing “Carnival of Venice” (the one with the bell tower and the person in black and white costume). The second news for this year is that my drawing “The Diamond Mask” is in the American magazine “Color” with an article of two pages with a critique written by Ann Kullberg!

More info:

“The Lady Of the Wind”, drawing realized with sanguine

“Carnival Of Venice”, drawing realized with colored pencils

“Portrait Of A Mask”, drawing realized with watercolor pencils

“Venice’s Glance”, drawing realized with watercolors

“Portrait Of A Mask”, drawing realized with pastels

“The Diamond Mask”, drawing realized with watercolor pencils