A guy in North Dakota is trying to sell his fridge. Rather than just post a few photos and a basic description, he’s gone all out by photoshopping his fridge in famous photos! Here’s his ad:

The Most Interesting Fridge in the World: A Kenmore Fridge!

This Thanksgiving, as you gather with the friends and family you love, you’ll be thankful too – that you OWN THIS FRIDGE! The day you have all been waiting for is here as the most interesting fridge in the world is NOW FOR SALE.

Do not be surprised if you spend your entire Thanksgiving with this fridge rather than your family. And don’t say I didn’t warn you!

This fridge stays cold, has some shelves, and a freezer. You can put stuff inside it and it will get cold and stay cold. Stuff it with food, a beverage, some “holiday cheer”, a friend, or a snack! As long as you keep it plugged in, it’ll always be on! When was the last time you could say that about your last date??? But it gets even better…

Same say this fridge has been known to rub shoulders with celebrity. While others say it may just be the most interesting fridge in the world. All I know is, it’s for sale and it could be yours!

More info: bismanonline.com