For the past several years, a mama hummingbird (probably a Rufous or an Allen’s hummingbird) has made a nest in front of uncle Ruben’s house.

It’s been a thrill to see the little babies grow up.

All of the photos here were taken by Ruben A. Aquino and posted with his permission.

May 5: This hummingbird has a secret…

There’s at least one tiny egg in her nest

May 19: Two dark little bodies have appeared

May 22: They’re starting to get fuzzy

May 23: Tiny beaks are now visible

May 23: The beaks have turned a bright orange

May 28: The babies are getting big!

May 30: We’re HUNGRY!

Hurray, here’s Mama!


June 4: Proud Mama with her fast-growing family

June 5: It sure is getting crowded in this nest

June 6: One baby has now left the nest

June 6: Bye-bye, baby birdie!

June 7: The nest is now empty