(Written by Adrienn Zám, Photos: Beatrise Photography)

When I first met Susan I’ve already had a feeling she differs from others. In a really good and comforting way.

She is a real-life unapprehended artist who has chosen a difficult road to realize and understand herself. During that amazing (and maybe a never-ending) journey she experienced a lot of things that changed her perspective of life. All of the experiences and impressions she gets through her life incredible stories appeared. And these stories are told by her dollhouses.

A first dollhouse is an escape place with a charming garden. I think it definitely gives a home for a lonely writer who wanted to escape from the crowded city. This Victorian style furnitures radiate rakishness that spread through the whole dollhouse. Playing with the lights it can also appear, how this house can be seen in real life. But of course, it’s also amazing if we zoom in the rooms. Susan had laid down piles here too, but next to it she also laid floor. Sounds crazy but it’s just perfect!

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See that typical “granny’s red velour carpet with lace” under the writing table?

And the screenplay on the table? Amazing

Though the owner seems lonely, there are signs that she (I think she is a woman) waiting for someone. She has a lot of courtesies, and the flower in the windows says that – hey, its a nice person living here!

Susan conjured a healthy breakfast in the kitchen, where a cute cat laps an accidentally dropped milk from the floor. The kitchen equipment is hanging on the wall, and there is a door, which is built around with bricks – how lovely!

Amazing to see the same house that has a different atmosphere because of the lights. The paintings, that decorated the walls shows that this owner loves art