It seems like we are living in times when brands are creating Christmas campaigns just as a matter of competition for the best festive ad. However, the creators of this Christmas story – Ukrainian wine and grocery store Goodwine and ad agency of the year Banda – by releasing it only now simply wanted to remind everyone around the world that Christmas is the perfect time to start realizing what’s important, what’s not and what can always wait. It’s also the most magical time when making someone’s dreams a reality is more important than everyday work issues or annual reports.

Featuring a very sensitive song “Most Important Part”, specifically written for this video, this Christmas story is an episode of a typical life of a busy working parent and attention-seeking child, who in the end make us all think about what truly matters for everyone: dreams, family, loved ones, friends, dogs, cats, and everyone or everything else that helps us get through Mondays and other difficult times.