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Londoner Bear Cub Looking For Adventures
User submission

Londoner Bear Cub Looking For Adventures


Have you ever seen a bear in London? A real one?

Meet Athena with the Bear Hair, the sweetest bear cub in town.

I discovered Athena on Instagram and to my greatest delight I noticed she lives in London, not too far from me. I just knew I had to contact her… She is so insanely adorable, that I really wanted to photograph her. I even forgot about the fact that I haven’t photographed dogs before.

On the morning of our shoot I was so happy and excited as in my childhood when waiting for Santa. Is she even real? – I was thinking to myself.

And then this walking fluff ball turns up at my door…

I’m in love. Scroll down to see our city adventures and get ready to have your heart melted.

More info:

Can the corgis come out to play, please?

Early dog catches the best photo spot.

Ok, seriously, where is everyone?


Best if I get on this high vantage point to scout the land.


And guard it like a lion.

Is it doughnuts I’m smelling?

Look at all these yellow trumpets!

I think I can pretend I’m one of them.


It’s time to move on to serious business.


Swinging, for example. Can you see how serious I am?

I’m not really napping. Just showing off my flowery headband.

I’m sure around here I can get some more of them. I love shopping!

Mmm… and gentle mornings in Soho. (I woke up like this.)


Are we nearly there yet?


The trouble with super heroes is what they do between phone booths, they say.

My super power is giving bear kisses.

Pink snow!

So much fun!

This smells delicious!


… slurp…


… zzz… (See you next time!)


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