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Lollipop Glass: Delicious Fusing By Liliya Gorbach
User submission
Product Design5 years ago

Lollipop Glass: Delicious Fusing By Liliya Gorbach

Artist from Russia Liliya Gorbach is as friendly and emotional as her fusing works. They are a true reflection of the artist’s personality. Liliya studied tableware painting at university and now she enjoys painting with glass and sharing excellent mood to different countries — her plates, jewelry boxes, vases, glasses and even table tops adorn private collections.

Unique and amazing works by Liliya create festive atmosphere with their bright colours and rich greenery. You will find there all sorts of simple and tender flowers that bloom in the fields: sweet thoughtful daisies, blue cornflowers, gorgeous energetic poppies. But the tasties element of the works are berries and fruits; made of glass, they look extremely yummy and eatable like lollipops.

Here’s what Liliya tells about herself: “I’m terribly responsible! Haven’t disappointed anyone in my life… Very workable! Quick as a flash! Sociable!

Always positive! And I love everyone who shares my inspiration with cheerful, lightful and warm glass.”

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