I’m a 16 year old high school girl from Slovenia. I am an enthusiastic and hard working with big plans for the future. With my parents and sisters we created the “Maristella” shop and decided to dedicate our time into making unique and good quality jewelry. It is a family shop that brought us closer together.

I started creating after my grandmother passed in late 2013, but then it was only a hobby. I always had the desire to create something beautiful and unique. I started creating sea themed handmade jewelry with real starfishes, old Mediterranean seashells, real sea glass, real sand, corals and real dried moss.

I love saying that everything happens for a reason and I don’t think you are “too young” or “too old” to start doing what you love to do. In my case I love to create jewelry and look at me now a 16 year old, whose dreams have come true.

More info: Etsy

Antique Locket

Antique bronze locket with real starfish, rare seashells, real moss, corals and sea glass.

Sea Locket Necklace

Silver locket necklace with real starfish, sand, miniature seashells, moss, corals and sand.

Silver Crystal Locket Necklace

Wear the beach next to your heart all the time ♥

Paper Boat Bottle Necklace

Paper Boat glass bottle necklace with blue resin filled with real miniature seashells, starfish, colored sand, moss, corals and handmade origami sea paper boat.

Silver Locket With Real Starfish

Real starfish and real seashells in a 30 mm two sided glass necklace.

Mini Beach Earrings Wit Miniature 3 mm Seashells

Real seashells, colored sand and moss in a 16 mm x 16 mm round glass sea earrings.

Locket Necklace With Sea Glass

Real sea glass, seashells, moss and corals in a 30 mm two sided glass locket necklace.

Ring With Real Starfish

Silver ring with real starfish, gold microbeads and real miniature seashells and corals.

Glass Bracelet With Real Starfish

Real seashells, starfish and colored sand in a glass globe silver bracelet.

Glass Globe Necklace With “The Beach” In It

Real seashells and starfish with colored sand in a 3×3 cm round glass necklace.

You can find this jewelry on Etsy.