I am a graphic artist living in Budapest with my family. Two years ago, when my son was 7, we started a series together under the the name Our Life Project. I did the line drawings and he colored them in, according to the unique perspective he had on account of his age.

The pictures show moments of our actual lives and their title often alludes to movies or songs. The series is a visual chronicle depicting this phase of our lives. It is also a more generic but personal set of images from a specific topography and period. Both the objects that are present in our home and the broader environment in which we live were, in part, characteristic of my own childhood too. The pictures therefore are impressions of both our childhoods, and many urban scenes from Budapest appear in them.

It was very exciting and fun to collaborate with my son not only as a mother but also as true partners in creation. I had to take into account the fact that I was racing against time, since I had to wait until my son had the patience and the will to persist in creating but his unique child perspective was still present. In the end, the series was concluded with 21 pieces, so the project just came of age. :)

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Tram 50

A Cat’s Life

Feed the fishes, tuppence a bag

at Millenáris Park

Liberty Bridge


Usagimimi origami


as my son said when he was little

Collecting stars

Here comes the rain again