Nature is scary. Beautiful, yes, but scary. Last weekend a severe storm in Norway killed over 300 reindeer.

An official from the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate (NNI) was on duty when he stumbled upon a mass animal graveyard. Dead reindeer were lying on the ground very close to each other. A total of 323 animals (including 70 calves and 5 that had to be euthanized) were confirmed dead and lightning is thought to be the cause.

“During heavy thunderstorm, they may have gathered even closer together out of fear,” NNI spokesman Knut Nylend, the man who discovered the animals, said. He came upon the dead herd on a plateau between Møsvatn and Kalhovd in Telemark county. What will happen to the corpses is still unsure. Norwegian authorities usually let mother nature clean up after herself, but the scale of this particular task is bigger than anyone can recall. The Norwegian Environment Agency said they would therefore make a decision after the herd gets tested for diseases.

More info: (h/t: thelocal)