As the morning sun gently hits the beautiful stupa-strewn landscape of Bagan, I explored the vibrant surrounding village life. The most beautiful time of the day to visit Bagan is during sunrise or sunset. It’s difficult to take it all in. I just need to spend more days. I wanted to create a storytelling photos, hence spending few days chasing after the cattle & goats during sunset. It was dusty and the lighting condition just changed rapidly. I needed to get my camera setting changed fast in order not to miss the moment I wanted. The sun rays were filtering through the foliage with the kicked up of the dust from the cattle & goats was amazing.

© Zacho Ho.

First Sunrise

Wander The Mystery

In The Dawn

A Light Unto My Path

Facing The Unknown

Going Back Home

Reaching for Height

Wonder Wander

Sunset over pagodas

Tour In bullock cart

Facial Expressions


Life of Farmer

Joys of Song

Back to farm

Busy across

Walking In The Dust

Leaving on The Shadow

Off work

Hot Air Balloons

Misty Morning