In rural South Carolina off an even more rural country road in the middle of the woods is one of the most atmospheric and beautiful places I’ve ever been to… the ruins of the Old Sheldon Church. In 1757 the Prince William Parish Church, as it was known then, opened its doors for its first service. What is so amazing about this structure is that it has survived for almost three centuries and was witness to much of our history.

The church also survived being set on fire during the Revolutionary War and then rebuilt from the walls that were still standing back in 1826. It was set on fire a second time in 1865 during the Civil War by Sherman’s troops. It was never rebuilt after that but its walls still remain. The Old Sheldon Church is on the National Register of Historic Sites and is definitely worth a visit if you’re near the area or passing through.

A stormy day with rolling clouds gives the Old Sheldon Church a mysterious and moody feel


This photo was taken on a moonlit night with the help of a powerful maglite which was used to paint the church inside and out using over 25 exposures.

The Old Sheldon church

A panorama of the Old Sheldon Church.

Old Sheldon is breathtaking at night

Light painting under the stars at the Old Sheldon Church is nothing short of magical

Old Sheldon Graveyard

Taken during a stormy afternoon. Some of these headstones date back 200 years!