I like it when street art has more to offer than being nice to look at. Especially when it’s offering free wifi and books.

Some weeks ago, on a normal Monday morning, this giant popped up in a small street in Antwerp, Belgium. He has been sitting there, reading non-stop on his tablet. Day and night. His eyes moves constantly from side to side. Addicted to his e-books. (the sign says ‘non stop reading pleasure’)

A couple of days later, a charger appeared so he could recharge his tablet. Then a huge cup of coffee popped up, to keep him awake. Then he put on his headphones for some nice music. Rain or shine, storm or hail, he kept on reading. He was sitting there during the national book week. In that week, and the following weeks, he handed out 15 free e-books.

A nice gift from the Belgian libraries to everyone who loves to read. The giant also had a wifi signal so everyone was able to download his e-books on the very spot. For free. This giant was created by Friendship Antwerp and the guys that are responsible for the Tomorrowland stages.

More info: thisisfriendship.com