I got the idea to make that necklace when a friend saw my post about making a glowing necklace for my GF in Bored Panda and asked me to make a costume one for him, so as we are old gamers and I’m too fond of Skyrim, the ancient stones in the game inspired me too much to make that necklace glow in the dark.

Ancient Stone, Ancient Legends, Magic

I cleared the idea in paper

Using white clay and clay tools, and your hands-art we start crafting!!

I made the wanted form and i used a needle to draw the ancient patterns in every side, starting with the front side as usual

The pattern continue to the left side

And the right side too!

And it all meet at the back side

After the clay dried, i started filling the patterns with a blue phosphorus painting and leave it to dry

After the paint is dried well, i coated the clay with transparent boats coating to protect it from melting when it touches water, and wrappe it with a rope would be so great, let’s charge it with light and see how it looks in the dark!!

It glows perfectly perfect, it made me nostalgic for Skyrim

The back side glows too!! What a magic!

The right side looks like it’s casting a spell

Even the left side is making a good glow