Based on an original idea of Matthieu Urbaniak and with the collaboration of the photographer Pierre Desrumeaux, The Cb … Vinyl Record Art’s team had fun, with its advent calendar ’14 to create a series of characters made from Lego to the image of the music bands they particularly like…

More info:

Daft Punk

The flagship of the French electro music scene!


The whale-hunting is not allowed on the Moon!

The Bee Gees

Pair of flares, disco-ball and Saturday night fever!

The Blues Brothers

The Blues suits them very well!


They’re always keep an Ace in their sleeve!


Sweden did not just make furniture kit!

Marilyn Monroe

Much more than a pin-up, isn’t that right Mr President?

The ZZ Top

They’ve got beards but they’re not here for your presents!


A small dance step, One step beyond for the ska!


Don’t forget your glasses to watch and/or to listen to them!


It’s all in the head!

The Beastie Boys

If you wanna know the real deal about the three…

Elton John

Don’t shoot me, I’m only the piano player!

The Beach Boys

Not the kind of guys who are showing off on the beach!

Iron Maiden

Eddie says Hi!

Amy Winehouse

It’s on the house!

The White Stripes

Before being the 7 nation army, they were only two!

Iggy Pop

The last dance of the Iguana!

David Bowie

The androgyne with multiple personalities!

Gun N’Roses

They do not come over with a flower in the barrel of their pistol!

Johnny Cash

The man in black (No, this is not Will Smith)!

The Doors

Knock Knock!

Bruce Springsteen

He only could be an American!

The Beatles

Take the opposite sidewalk, please!