The Retro Museum is the newest attraction in Yangpyeong, Seoul, South Korea that opened its doors in July 2016. Using 1970s~1980s as an inspiration Retro Museum recreated scenes of street, entertainment, school, etc. from the 70s~80s with 100 kinds of interactive artworks. This museum offers a nostalgic journey to those who grew up during 7080s and introduces an amazing historic experience to younger generations.

Following the tradition of the famous in Korea Trickeye Museum, Retro Museum also presents 3D artworks, offering plenty of photo delights. Aside from having an opportunity to make mind-bending photos, visitors can try on retro school uniform, play games and taste delicious goodies from the 70s~80s.

Welcome to Retro Museum….

You can literally plunge into the 7080s culture by trying on school uniform

Make your own “Dalgona” sugar candy

Inside a 70-80s promotional poster

Play retro games and win prizes

Retro Norebang (Karaoke)

One of the games kids used to play in the 70-80s