I invite you to discover my latest project #le_baiser. A Digital Street Art experience in the streets of Paris.

Inspired by a sentence of a french poet Alfred de Musset: “The only true language in the world is a kiss”, I projected onto the walls and buildings of the capital almost a hundred of couples kissing.

More info: juliennonnon.com

Tiphanie + Nicolas

Anne-Ying + Eva

Diane + Hugo

Estelle + William

Colombe + Maxime

Joana + Kofi

Karine + Daniel

Sylvie + Alain

Anne-Sophie + Julien

Cécile + Emmanuel

Juliette + Vitalie

Julia + Caroline

Marilou + Louka

Maud + Paul

Pauline + Christophe

Angèle + Lorna

Huijin + Xiaoxue

Isabelle + Axel

Lydia + Kevin

Meryem + Fahd

Annne + Tristan

David + Thibaut

Tatiana + Rémi

Marissa + Stephane

Estelle + William II

Adeline + Christophe

Chloé + Nicolas