The soothing colours of this lavender art will relax and lift your spirits. Lavender Art, created in France, shares the soul of Provence. Lavender flowers have many health benefits and are highly attractive to bees.

Bees account for the majority of global crop pollination and are essential for rich biodiversity. Char Evans, a travelling British artist creates installations, paintings, jewellery, short films and photographs. Her installation also comprised of wild chamomile flowers, leaves, pebbles sourced from a local river, wood reclaimed from a nearby recycling facility and a lent quartz crystal.

Short film of installation being created:

This artwork can be found in a variety of beautiful products at her Redbubble and Saatchi Art shops. She also has lots of other art, so take a look!

More info:

Lavender Art

Lavender flowers

Artist with lavender

Photo of Artist taken by Daniel Schied

Up Close

Taking Shape

Lavender Art Abstract