Engetsu is an uninhabited island in the Rinka Inlet in Nanki Shirahama, Japan. Fortunately I live in Shirahama, so Engetsu was a perfect subject for an “Equinox Sunset”.

I captured this particular moment by wading out in the ocean, positioning myself east of the island and waiting for the sun to set in the center of the eroded round sea cavern. This also exposed the silhouette of the Island, clouds, and the perfect due west sun of the spring equinox.

More info: yourshot.nationalgeographic.com

5:53:29 PM

6:00:34 PM

6:02:49 PM

6:06:37 PM

6:08:05 PM

6:08:42 PM

6:09:39 PM Published Shot

6:11:16 PM In Way To Deep