What at a first glance might look like Gothic stained glass windows, are actually Eric Standley’s paper art creations. Currently based in Virginia, the artist uses a laser to meticulously cut out the patterns in thousands of layers of paper which are then all put together in one work of art.

Eric’s work begins by drawing a design for each beautiful artwork on a paper so that he could plan how to cut each of the sheets using a laser beam. The artist then interlaces the positive and negative spaces of the cutouts to create a stunning 3D artwork.

Eric also works as an Associate Professor of Studio Art and the Foundations of Art and Design Coordinator for the School of Visual Arts at Virginia Tech. Combine these jobs with the insanely time-consuming process required to create his unique art, and you’ll get why the artist says he only “sleeps on rare occasions.”

As he puts in his statement, Eric “holds allegiance to a faith of his own construction, which is reinvented on a daily basis”, and hopes that one day his detailed art might become historical.

Website: ericstandley.30art.com