3 years of work with more than 1400 hours to complete these huge portrait series. I spend about 3 months of work on each portrait.

These drawings are 95% done with all kinds of different color pencils – the only thing 5% that was done with acrylic are the with highlights. Each portrait was done using new techniques (I wanted to test end expand my artistic knowledge). I was motivated to test out new and interesting ideas, and wanted to push myself to the very end of my abilities to achieve this.

Testing out new techniques and expanding your artistic field – going from one medium to another and taking new knowledge with you from each last piece you did: that’s how you build character and versatility in your artistic abilities. By mastering one subject or many, as long as you determination is there you will feel progress and finally succeed.

The more you know the better you will be and the better you are the more complex tasks you can do. Complexity of a task is only in the mind of the observer. It’s only hard if you have no background knowledge. And during this project I have learned more than I could imagine – and grown as a person.

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Color pencil drawing of my father

My mother



My brother

And sister

My other grandmother

And grandfather

Color pencil drawing of me

I also drew the King of Norway

The Prince of Norway

And the Queen of Norway