Duck lanes along waterway paths in London, Birmingham, and Manchester are a temporary new initiative to encourage people to be mindful of the animals they share the road with when walking or biking. The Canal & River Trust has painted a white line marking off areas to be used by birds with a stenciled silhouette of a duck. You can follow them at #sharethespace.

“We’ve painted in duck lanes on the tow path, just to highlight…[that] there’s only so much space you can share..[a]nd actually probably ducks need the priority,” Dick Vincent, a London Towpath Ranger told

The Canal River Trust is responsible for maintaining over 2000 miles (3220km) of inland waterways in England and Wales. Their motto is “share the space; drop your pace; it’s a special place.” Whether or not the ducks will agree to abide by these rules is another matter.

More info: (h/t: treehugger)