Back in 2012 when I first saw this cute kitten mural extravaganza, I knew I would end up having something similar in my bedroom sooner or later. The problem was that even though I have wild imagination, I’ve no talent for painting!

So, I found an artist, Giorgi Makharashvili, who was not afraid to experiment with the paints of this ultraviolet magic world.I explained the whole concept to him and my dream gradually started to shape into a vivid reality.

I can identify myself with a cat’s love of freedom. I am impressed with the way Giorgi has interpreted my story into this peace of mesmerizing wall art. My dear unknown reader, I hope that you too will manage to fulfil your sacred dreams the way I awakened my fantasy with this project.

White Light vs. Black Light

Playing with visible paints at first

My mural is coming to life

Introducing magical paints

Giorgi said he’s glad he signed up for this extravagant experiment

White light

Black light

My inner tiger watching my back

The city of wild dreams

I know I’m crazy and that’s the beauty of it

Dream wild, dream big