I share my vision of this popular fairy tale,which around here is one of the first we are told when we are children.

I’m not sure how positive it’s message is, but – here we go.

An old woman baked a bread with a peculiar wander lust in it. It left to see the world and got into a forest

There he met a hare – I’ll eat you, said the hare. Don’t eat me, I’ll sing a song for you

Then it met a wolf – I’ll eat you, you bread! Don’t eat me, I have a song to sing

Then the bread met a bear – I’ll gobble you up! – said the bear. Don’t! – sang the bread

Then it gets complicated – the bread met a fox, and the fox was clever. What a lovely song, Bread, what a lovely voice. Sing again, just a bit closer this time

And the bread sang, until the fox was fed