Robert Kolenik, a Dutch designer who focuses on high-end sustainable design, has created a stunning kitchen counter-top that has a beautiful large aquarium for a base.

In reality, the ‘Ocean Keuken’ is actually shaped like a large ‘L’ – the storage compartment inside the counter is hidden with mirrors to make the aquarium seem larger than it is. What’s more, the countertop raises with the push of a button, allowing the aquarium to be accessed with ease.

Kolenik indicates that the counter can be custom-made according to the client’s needs. Though his designs are often high-end luxury fixtures, he nonetheless focuses on providing designs with low carbon footprints. Read on for Kolenik’s answers to Bored Panda’s questions about his work!

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I was commissioned to design a luxury villa where the client had the wish for an aquarium close to the kitchen zone,” Robert Kolenik told Bored Panda. “Because of this I came up to make something out of the box, which took us quit some time to engineer, as it has many technical challenges that we had to face

The tank is based on a fresh water culture, so it is low maintenance. We integrated a complete water filtering system, which is very quiet, and integrated it in one of the four cabinets

Two aquariums have been made so far, and several requests came in this week