Alexis Fraser (otherwise known as ‘Lipstick Lex’) has made a name for herself in the fine art world as a lipstick artist who paints with 100% lipstick and actually KISSES her work! She utilizes this nontraditional method to stand out in a sea of artists while spreading the message of love, positivity, warmth, beauty and all over feel-good vibes. Much of her work embodies her tropical surroundings in Sarasota, Florida which you can view on her website:

The ultimate goal for Lex, is to spread the message of love in world that lacks too much of it, and she is successfully accomplishing this one kiss at a time!

Lex was recently picked up by one of Japan’s leading cosmetic companies, Isehan Cosmetics with the objective to create a piece for their “kiss me” lipstick launch campaign. The focus of the campaign was to reach out to young Japanese women and not just promote the new lipstick line, but to additionally promote women empowerment, self love, self respect and to state that there should be no “shoulds” in life, that life is yours and it’s yours to make what YOU see fit! No one else has that right but you.

This incredible work of art took Lex approximately 2 weeks to create utilizing 100% Isehan lipsticks and thousands of Lex’s kiss prints. The image showcases a woman’s lips just parting and about to make a declaration. She is fierce, she is confident, she is beautiful inside and out and she is living her life as SHE pleases.

Lex and her artwork were both present at the famous Shibuya intersection in Tokyo Japan March 29-30th where she unveiled the piece to the public and spoke about the campaign and her work.

Lex’s fan base is growing rapidly and her Instagram followers are constantly in awe and inspired by her work and her mission. Lex may have an unusual approach to her art but that’s what makes it so impactful! It’s beautiful, it’s original, it’s ART!!!

To see time-lapse videos of Lex’s art in the making, learn more about her work, get access into her studio and more, definitely subscribe to her YouTube channel which she recently just launched!

More info: | Instagram

Kissed Art Time-lapse

Only 3 shades of lipstick and halfway finished

Finished piece hanging in the studio before being rolled up and sent to Tokyo

Layers of kisses to bring depth to the artwork

Lex standing with her work which was exhibited at the famous Shibuya intersection in Tokyo Japan March 29th and 30th. The finished work now resides at the Isehan headquarters