Photography appeared in my life a few years ago as a strong need to preserve the most precious moments in my hear. Since my baby boy was born, he’s been my greatest inspiration and my favorite model. His childhood is the main subject of my photos. I am trying to keep what’s hidden in an instant. His way of regarding and discovering the world, his relations with other cute kids and animals, which fascinate him and give him strong emotions.

I spend a lot of my time on family photography. While observing my son learning life, I noticed the birth of an outstanding bond between him and our dogs. Every day I have a chance to observe this animal friendship with my own eyes, how having a dog positively influences the emotional development of a young man. Believing that with one photo, you can tell the story, I am trying to document these two best friends in my pictures. I would like to show mutual trust and beautiful, unconditional love with my photography art.

I have to mention that we must teach the child some crucial information about dogs’ behavior and body language. It is important to make the child realize when the dog can be dangerous. It is also necessary to remember that although we know the dog very well, every contact between a child and an animal should be supervised by an adult. We, parents, have the responsibility to provide calm and pleasant relations between the party.

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Every deed and every relationship is surrounded by an atmosphere of silence. Friendship needs no words.

Who ever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, never owned a dog.

Where you find true friendship, you find true love.

A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation, doesn’t always need togetherness, as long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends will never part.

True friendship knows no boundaries of time or restriction of minds.It just bowls over your heart and makes you smile.

What one loves in childhood, stays in the heart forever.

True friendship is sitting together in silence and feeling like it was the best conversation you’ve ever had.

Who finds a faithful friend, finds treasure.

When I’m with you, there’s no place I’d rather be.

Sometimes we need someone to simply be there, just to let us know they’re on our side and that they care for us.