It started with a Humans of Bombay’s post about an ordinary Taxi driver with an extraordinary story. Intrigued by it, we decided to take it a step further. One sultry afternoon, we approached his neighbourhood, where we sat with him at a nearby tea stall and discussed how his life had unfolded; a story that had touched millions of hearts across the country.

Vijay Thakur, a 75-year-old Taxi driver, gave up his career as an engineer and began to drive a taxi, running an ambulance service free of cost, for all those who need to get to the hospital, at any hour of the night. It happened after one night when Vijay’s pregnant wife began to experience sudden pain in her abdomen, and there happen to be no cabs that could take her to the hospital. His wife has suffered a miscarriage that night and for Vijay it was a turning point in life.

We felt a story like Vijay Thakur’s needed a canvas. And so, along with the designer, Poorva Shingre, we decided to realise it on a Taxi Fabric in his taxi itself. Vijay’s noble deeds speak volumes and the Taxi Fabric is a small token of appreciation for his humanity.

Text by Isha Jhunjhunwala, photographs by Mayur Mengle, Niqita Gupta and Siddharth Samant.

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This is Vijay Thakur who quit his job as an engineer to run a free ambulance service for all those who need to get to the hospital, at any hour of the night

Image credits: Humans of Bombay

It all started when his pregnant wife began to experience sudden pain in her abdomen


It was 3AM and no cab stopped for them to take her to the hospital, despite Vijay’s desperate pleas

His wife had suffered a miscarriage that night and for him, it was a turning point in life


As of today, he is 75 years old and have transported hundreds of emergency cases to the hospital all free of charge

Only because Vijay doesn’t want anyone else to go through what he did, years ago

Taxi Fabric in collaboration with a designer Poorva Shingre felt like this story needed a canvas


Interacting with him on a personal level, they learnt more about his life, interpreting it into beautiful illustrations along the way


Vijay spoke very fondly about his daughter Khushi who has brought great joy into his life

From her comes his inspiration to do the same for others every day

Thus, the team felt it was appropriate to dedicate all this to Khushi

Vijay’s taxi now is widely known as Khushi’s Ambulance


The taxi-ambulance comes alive with playful illustrations of Vijay and his daughter, spreading joy and warmth to all those in need of it


Designer says that these illustrations speak of his love and determination to help others in need