Since the past few months, I have been working on a new project, a new style of creating paper art that combines the symmetry and intricacy of mandalas, the vivid colors of paper quilling and 3-dimensional feel of sculptures. I have created a style that layers multiple sheets of brightly colored papers into Kaleidoscopic artworks.

As kids, we all loved looking into a Kaleidoscope and being entranced by the simple glass pieces unfolding into infinite mesmerizing designs. We were often so enchanted with a pattern, we didn’t want the inner pieces to move and disturb the design. That is the essence I wanted to capture in my artwork. My goal was to create something so enchanting, you just couldn’t move your eyes from it, something that would make you, the viewer, feel fascinated and hypnotized as you try to decode the secrets it holds.

Currently, I’m running a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo wherein people who like my idea can pre-order the artworks and become contributors to future artworks.

Your contribution could make this dream project a reality. Sharing it with your friends and fellow art lovers will be awesome!

More info:

THE LABYRINTH – Find a way out!

NEBULA – A Rising Star

DAWN – It Darkest before Dawn

DUSK – Lights Out!

When DUSK meets DAWN!