Born in Sydney and based on the Central Coast, Steve Kustro’s passion for creative expression has gravitated towards photography and painting in recent years. Fascinated by natural landscapes, Steve strives to present a unique perspective that shines a new light on the world around us. Inspired by the ever-changing nature of the ocean and it’s near-mythical place at the heart of Australian culture, Steve’s images provide a sense of tranquility and seem to draw the observer towards another world.

Rarely planning what subjects to capture in his work, Steve believes in the improvisational nature of life and finds that his subjects usually present themselves to him as moments in time that tell a story. Steve hopes that his work provides a source of joy and inspiration for others.

Largely self-taught, Steve is always keen to see where his muse will take him next, experimenting with both subject matter and canvas. “Much like life itself, I believe the artistic process is always a work in progress and I can’t wait to see where it takes me next.”

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