When I received an urgent text from my maternity client and fellow Navy Diver wife a few days ago, my heart broke into pieces. Her beautiful baby boy was due to be delivered via c-section in just a few days time, and her husband had just received emergency deployment orders to join the search and rescue mission for the missing Argentinian submarine. I gasped aloud at the grocery store as I quickly searched for more details online. Daddy is apart of the Undersea Rescue Command stationed here in San Diego; a team with the unique ability to deploy specialized underwater vehicles capable of rescuing sailors trapped inside a sunken submarine at remarkable depths.

Within 36 hours of being called into service, he was flying to Argentina and his wife was facing the overwhelming task of enduring the birth of their first son suddenly alone without her partner and his support. I knew instantly that I wanted to document this birth to ensure that Daddy would at least be able to share in each moment when he returned, and began rearranging plans to be on call until baby’s scheduled arrival.

As with all babies, mister Daxx had his own ideas about his birth plan, and Mama began to have contractions the night before her scheduled procedure, 3 days after Daddy deployed.

After heading to the hospital to check her progress, she was unexpectedly told she would need to stay the night until her c-section the following morning, information she had no way of passing on to her husband. The next morning I arrived to a yet pregnant Mama; exhausted, anxious, excited, overwhelmed, and above all else beaming with pride for her husband as he raced to join the rescue effort 5,000 miles away. I am completely blown away by her strength as she labored through each contraction and her grace as she breathed through the fears and uncertainties up until the moment she heard Daxx’s first cry.

I am so honored and proud to have witnessed first hand this incredible sacrifice she and her husband gave when called to duty, and I encourage you to share their birth story below



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Sharing a photo with me of her husband hard at work in the search and rescue mission off the coast of Argentina

Daddy called via satellite phone just as Mama was being wheeled to recovery

Welcome to the world, Baby Daxx!


Baby Daxx Xander G.

8lb 11oz – 21 inches long

Born at 2:01pm

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

via c-section

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