While every holiday season is special in its own way, most of us have some iconic moments from years gone by that perfectly encapsulate what the joy of the season means to us. One artist went searching for these moments, gathering stories from people all over the US and brought them to life in vibrant watercolor.

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Patricia loved festive days in New York City and ice skating beneath the tree at Rockefeller Center

Lydia tells the tale of how her family braved feet of snow as they chopped down their own Christmas Tree in the woods

Sophie remembers her family tradition of getting new matching pajamas every Christmas Eve

Julian recalls sledding with his sister in the first snow every holiday season

Shannon reminisces on how her aunt always helped her and her sister bake and elaborately decorate gingerbread houses

Terri’s family always pulled apart the wishbone from their Christmas turkey – but they had to wrap their arms around the dining table leg for it to be official

Karlea has fond memories of how her dad would construct elaborate displays of decorations across their home and yard