Julio Cesar is a traditional and digital painter with the ability to create realistic paintings. The paintings below are inspired by his friends on Facebook.
He has worked in the realm of fashion, film and music and now wants to work with you.
Julio Cesar recently made a publication which invites the public to submit their photos, where the ten most inspiring ones will turn into paintings, free of charge.
If you like the idea, you can send your photo, but I recommend sending one or two more as reference for the artist in order to have a clear concept of your face. Your painting will be sent in digital format via e-mail.

You can contact him on facebook:

If for some reason you find it hard to contact your account, you can write to your facebook page:

You can also contact him on Twitter:

Note: Write in English or Spanish.

Be sure to contact the official pages, protect yourself from fake ones.

Don’t miss this opportunity, it will be fun.

More info: Facebook