Japanese character “Kanji” “休” can be interpreted as a person snuggling tree.  亻means person, 木 is for a tree. If you add them together (亻+木=休), you get a word “rest”.

I believe that trees and nature can heal people’s hearts. I like taking pictures of trees because I always feel better in a forest.

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Abandoned road

My wanderings in the forest on the road, which looks like autumn leaves carpet.

Trees covered with fog (Deforestation)

Trees and disappearing into the fog, but do not forget about deforestation. Please cherish the nature.

Silent Arashiyama, Kyoto

Early morning in Arashiyama, Kyoto bamboo forest, 5:00am.

Arashiyama has been one of Kyoto’s most distinctive sightseeing destinations. Its impressive and elegant landscape is covered with bamboo forests and maple trees.

The depths of the forest

I spend a great time in nature just shooting woods.


Shower of autumn leaves

Seductive woods

Static and dynamic(Zen・禅)

Break Time