Every time we travel to a new place we have the tendency to create certain expectations about the things we are about to see and do. Internet is playing an essential role in gathering all the information we might need before engaging with the unknown. This is a very good thing to do that can save us a lot of trouble and money, but in the same time it partially compromises the element of surprise or creates false expectations. Recently, I’ve spent a few days in a small former fishermen village in the northernmost municipality of the Brazilian state of Ceará, Jericoacoara. I was traveling with a very good Brazilian friend, and since she did all the reservations, I didn’t have to spend that much time online checking out the place. Therefore, I started my journey without preset images in my mind and with my imagination free to wonder and my heart open to feel. Sometimes we are lucky enough to end up in these places that exhale a happy balance of raw natural beauty and human impact. Jericoacoara is one of these places.

Nominated as having one of the most beautiful beach area in the world, I was picturing myself while flying from São Paulo to Fortaleza, having a relaxing time on a amazing beach with white sand, enjoying the ocean’s breeze while seeping from a freshly cut coconut. It didn’t cross my mind, not even for a moment, all the things I was about to see and experiment. Total surprise!

I definitively didn’t expect…

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That the naturally sculpted “Pedra Furada” will look so dreamy in the sunset light

That I will stand on a huge sand dune just next to the ocean

And that the high tide will get so close to the dune

That will be possible to have a horse ride on the dunes in the sunset

That the village is surrounded by huge pyramids of sand

And Walking Dunes: slowly, mercilessly swallowing everything in their way

That I will see how life is emerging from the sand itself

Form a lot of sand

That I will be walking among dry mangroves

And find hammocks hanging from the trees

That I will bath in paradisaical lagoons

And swing my hammock while with my feet in the water

That nature can look so simple yet take your breath away

That I will be riding on the back of a buggy, wind and sand in my face while photographing in the same time

And I will be crossing a river while sitting in the buggy

And have a boat ride among mangroves

And see seahorses (this one is a female)

That I will be riding on the back of a sand dune

Climbing it up and down

And feel my stomach shrinking with fear

That I will see so many amazing people mastering the force of the wind

And the power of the ocean

That Jericoacoara has sandy streets, yet with blossoming flowers and trees everywhere

And trees are dressed up in vivid handmade crochets

And even the fishermen boats are colourful

I didn’t imagine that I will feel so humbled and amazed by the power and beauty of the nature .